Amy & Lee {Engaged!}

This adorable twosome are getting close to their July wedding! We took a lovely stroll throughout downtown CC to enjoy the sights and shoot till the sun went down:)

Enjoy this adorable couple and look forward to wedding photos before the end of summer!

Almost Legal: Shannon & Stuart {Engaged!}

Nothing will come between these two lawyers! -Well except maybe their opposing rival alma maters, but besides that they are perfect for eachother!!

Celebrating a late summer wedding these two wanted to capture the things that they love most- so we covered all the bases from the courthouse to the seaside! Enjoy this wonderful couple and all the fun we had…photo shoots make for an awesome date night! {Note to brides: always entice your groom with steak and drinks to follow a successful engagement shoot!!} Lol!

Tracy & Ryan….I Love and then some!! {E-session}

I am totally blogging backwards on this one! This spring has been crazy busy with mommies, newborns, and little ones in the studio, so I am just now getting Tracy and Ryan’s engagment shoot on the blog!:)

Tracy and Ryan have a beautiful history together, and they have four living testaments to their love and devotion to eachother! So we definitely had to make sure that we incorporated the whole family into their wedding experience from start to finish!

Enjoy this beautiful couple and amazing family…the wedding is getting ready to hit the blog next!!

Kaylee & Heath {Engaged}

Breana & JT

These two have insanely amazing chemistry and it shows!! LOVED every second of this session and can’t wait for the wedding day….right around the corner on 11.11.11!!  Congratulations Breana & JT!!

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