Kaylee {Bridals}

Kaylee jumped every imaginable hurdle to finally get to this bridal session a week before her wedding- from rain-outs to family crisis, we bumped up the date 3x, but we persevered and I am grateful for her calm patience and trust!! All I can say of the session itself is WOW!! Everything turned out amazing and since we share the same vintage couture loves, the session styling and location plans turned out to be one of my all time faves. Gorgeous hair and makeup provided in studio by Josh Salinas of Josh & Co. played up the vintage styling. Little details like the “I Do” crystals under her shoes and a last minute decision to rob our studio manichan of a vintage red hat added just the right touch of whimsy and a unique pop.

Our careful shooting plan started at Heritage Park, followed by a fabulous grassy field and culminated in a roadside wildflower patch (which was mowed the next day!!!). Proof that an extravagant location is not necessary to truly create something stunning! Look for her wedding on the blog soon- for now enjoy these gorgeous bridals!

Kelsey {Bridals}

Now that she’s a newleywed its time for me to show off Kelsey’s incredibly beautiful beachy bridal session!! Yes we lugged that chair out from the studio, along with a ton of fun little accessories that allowed Kelsey to change up her looks and keep the whole session vibrant and fresh!

Michelle H. {Bridals}

She is now a married woman so I can safely show these amazing shots off:)

Michelle turned out some incredibly beautiful bridal portraits! We shot at the Art Center downtown- a location that I frequent for portraits, but LOVE for the simple fact that each time it pushes me to get something totally different from the same location.

Michelle added a fabulous chunky multi-string pearl neclace and some gorgeous red heels to kick up the fun and artsy side of the shoot. Bridals are a chance to step outside of the traditional and play with accessories even if they won’t be a part of the wedding day, and we took full advantage of that!! Love them!!! ENJOY!


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Stephanie: Bridals

She is now celebrating her one week anniversary, but now is the perfect time to showcase that AMAZING dress!!!

Portraits were shot on location at the Art Center Corpus Christi

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Brianna: Bridals

Ok so I  have been dying to share a glimpse of this session for awhile now! First of all, our location was the beautiful Fulton Mansion in Rockport, TX- a location I have been wanting to shoot forever but have never had the chance until now!   It actually wasn’t in our original plan, but a last minute swticheroo turned out to be the perfect setting for this romantic bridal shoot.

As for our bride, I have to admit, I was worried that Brianna had too much on her plate that day to be able to knock out amazing portraits at the very end of it all! She had already worked a full nursing shift, navigated the hair and makeup dramas and made it all the way to Rockport in time to catch the evening sun. Wow was I ever in for a surprise!! Brianna possesses the confidence and truly {RARE} gift of being able to naturally move like a professional model. And I am not kidding!! I was so impressed!! Confidence and awareness of body shapes and her wonderfully expressive eyes made for a dynamic shoot! Together we had a blast- I enjoyed the luxury of trying tons of creative poses and ideas with her, and she nailed them all. Absolutely breathtaking, and I think we both could say we had a blast!!

And for the record…Fulton Mansion is a new fave…I am hopeful to have many more trips to Rockport in the future…exquisite!!!

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